Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zu Online preparing new content

Expansions are no fun with just one or two new features, which is why Zu Online is bringing a dozen of them to bear with its new update. On December 27th, this martial arts MMO is planning to launch The Blood Demon's Assault, and Zu Online players will have their hands full.

The Blood Demon is a big bad who was slain in battle but lives on as a malevolent spirit. In an attempt to return and rule over the three worlds of the game (physical, celestial and ghostdom), the Blood Demon has ordered his troops to conquer the vital Hexad Region. Fortunately, the good guys got wise to his plan and are marshaling their own armies to forestall his return.

Blood Demon's Assault includes new instances and systems for players to master, although IGG has even more planned than the company is telling. The update has been in testing for months now and should prove to be a nice belated Christmas gift for the community.

TERA will be open beta on Jan 2011

Online game publisher based in Korea, NHN, has recently announced that its highly-anticipated blockbuster on GStar a while ago, TERA, will be open its beta test on 11th January 2011. TERA, which has been topping the anticipated games chart during the second half of 2010, will finally show its real look. NHN launched a short-term stress test after G-Star 2010, and received favorable feedback.

Particularly, TERA's dazzling skills, highly free UI System and improved game content were all highly regarded in this test. In its debut, TERA has become a focus, aiming to bring players brand new action experiences. However, from existing info, except high quality graphics and high action fluency. In the later period, TERA needs to unveil more content to make it more attractive. Meanwhile, aside from guaranteeing excellent graphics, the game should be optimized by reducing the system requirements.

Additionally, TERA will hold a "pre-selection" event from Dec. 30th to Jan. 9th prior to its open beta. In the event, players will be able to choose their target servers for the upcoming open beta, create characters, add friends and set up guilds etc.

TERA is going to employ the subscription business model.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My ASHE guide in League of Legends

“Before further reading, I want to emphasize on this article that this is not the best guide of Ashe in the League of Legends. There are many good guide that can be found on their forums. This is more about a story of my experience that I can share with. If you had any opinion about this article, that would be welcome.”

One of the perennial favorites of summoners in the League of Legends is the Freljordian beauty known as Ashe. She is a direct descendant of Avarosa - one of three legendary sisters who each claimed dominion over the scattered tribes dwelling in the icy tundra of northern Valoran. Ashe mirrors her ancestor's unparalleled mastery of the bow, earning her the title of ''the Frost Archer'' the way Avarosa did during her era.

Ashe is a literal Princess amongst her people, though she prefers to be addressed by outsiders as her tribal title rather than any form of royal moniker. There are those in Freljord, however, that would prefer to address Ashe as the ''late'' Frost Archer; the other two tribes that are descendants from the Three Sisters are historically sworn enemies of Ashe and her people. Having survived more than one assassination attempt in her life, Ashe is always aware of her surroundings regardless of where she is.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There will be more iPhone games which look like Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade currently is the best seller on the iPhone, this game really damn good at visual. And starting this Thursday, anyone will be able to make this kind of game in the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using the same technology as Infinity Blade does.

The iOS Version of Unreal Development Kit, reported by Wall Street Journal, will be free to download this thursday. The engine is made by Epic Games, and they made a variation program made for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 engine to this Apple platform.

This is no surprise, really. This is how Epic works. The company is at least as much a graphics technology maker as it is a game development powerhouse. Epic creates graphics engines and licenses them to other companies which can then build their games using Epic's tools. Traditionally we've seen Epic get the most of their engines for their own games. In fact, Epic's games have been showpieces for Unreal tech. Gears of War and Gears of War 2 each showed off iterations of Unreal Engine 3. Infinity Blade shows off the power of Epic's tech on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Those who want to make games using this technology will be able to get it for free but have to pay for US$99 licensing fee and 25% royalties after the first $5000 in sales. The most formidable rival to this iPhone graphics engine is the one powering Rage HD. That game was crafted by a team lead by id Software's Doom co-creator John Carmack. But Carmack already inform that his parent company, Zenimax, is not interested in licensing the technology to outsiders.

The most important thing is, starting from Infinity Blade there will be other game that graphic quality is not far from those game. I think its a good start for Apple product.

Cataclysm sold more than 3,3 million in 24h

Just come in: Cataclysm, the latest World of Warcraft's expansion, has hit a new milestone for Blizzard. It reported that this expansion has been sold more than 3.3 million copies worldwide on its first 24 hours of release. Those making Cataclysm is the fastest-selling PC game of all time.

Before this, the milestone has been hold by its second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, which sold more than 2.8 million copies in 24 hours, set in November 2008.

"We had to bring Azeroth to the brink of destruction in Cataclysm, but the result was our best expansion yet," said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We want to thank all of our new, existing, and returning players throughout the world for their incredible enthusiasm and support, and we look forward to hearing what they think about all the new content."

After Cataclysm released, the total subscriber of World of Warcraft had grown to more than 12 million players globally. Blizzard claims that more than 15,000 players attended on the official launch events and 10,000 stores globally are selling the Cataclysm. I would say that the Blizzard has much more money on their account to get new expansion...

Check out the latest rate of this expansion on here: Buy World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Pack (PC CD-ROM)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tomorrow, Divine Souls will be open BETA

In an announcement on the official Divine Souls page, OutSpark revealed the date of the fantasy themed 3D MMORPG, Divine Souls, would enter Open Beta. Divine Souls first entered closed beta testing several months ago, but information on the game has been scarce since then. You will get a chance to feel the brawling experience on December 14, 2010.

The game is published by Outspark, which already publishing the anime themed online game, Fiesta Online, a while ago. Divine Souls is most similar to Vindictus and makes use of persistent world hubs, instanced stages, and action oriented gameplay. Its a great looking game that’s well worth checking out.

Shanda penetrate SEA Market with 3 Games

After grabbing the license to publish ArcheAge and FFXIV in China, the fast-growing Chinese publisher Shanda Games will expand their market further. Recently, they signed contract with Singapore MMO publisher Cherry Credits and to bring several MMOs to Southeast Asia. 3 games have confirmed so far, they are Storm Online, Latale Online, and iL Soulbringer.

Storm Online features rich quests and some other systems that commonly seen in many other games, like the mount system, PvP, dungeons, etc. Latale Online is a cartoon style side-scrolling MMO that allows you to decorate your characters with tons of fashion items. Dungeon and pets are also part of the game. Currently, OGPlanet's operating the game's NA and EU version.

Among the 3 games, Storm Online will be the first to meet Southeast Asia as the game will start closed beta on December 16th. Latale Online just set up a teaser site while iL Soulbringer just confirmed the SEA version. Since Shanda Games is the publisher of Dragon Nest(CN) and the investor of the game's developer Eyedentity, it's said that Shanda is likely to bring the game to SEA. Nexon delays Dragon Nest in NA indefinitely, and the game's English version will probably release in Southeast Asia first.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

After launched, GT 5 reach 60 Million copy sold

Driving simulator Gran Turismo 5 is finally out. People are buying it! And that's helping the series pass a very important checkered flag: the 60 million units sold one.

According to Sony Computer Entertainment, the Gran Turismo series has now sold over 60 million units, with newly-released GT5 selling 5.5 million copies worldwide in its first 12 days on sale.

Remember, the term Sony use "sold" means it sold to retailers and not necessarily sold through to consumers.

Between November 24 and December 6, Gran Turimso 5 sold 550,000 copies in Japan, 1.25 million in North America, 3.56 million in Europe and 160,000 copies in the rest of Asia. Those numbers are bound to get Sony's engine humming.

Nadirim goes to Close Beta

When web browser MMOs are more than a dozen these days, it requires something special for a that title to stand out. Another new free to play web MMO, Nadirim, hopes that its Arabian Nights themes is enough to do the trick, using the mysterious sands of the desert and the rich mythology of the region as the backdrop to an exciting saga.

Nadirim currently entering the closed beta stage of development, and Twisted Tribe is preparing a bunch of beta keys to the willing testers. Currently, the closed beta session featuring three of the game's five classes, Warrior, Ruffian and Sage, and it has a level cap of 15. Other features, such as PvP and guilds, are slated to be patched in later.

If you're interested, you can apply to be a tester on the official website (

AIKA South East version prepare to launch 2011

AIKA SEA, south east asia version of AIKA Online, will be brought to the continent by Asiasoft Online in early 2011. The game is a 3D MMORPG that focuses on PvP element and is set in the enchanting land of Arcan, where the Goddess AIKA led the Humans into war in order to restore peace to the land of Arcan.

This MMORPG stands out because of the astounding war modes that it has within the game. One of which is the Nation War, where players engage in glorious 1000 versus 1000 battles to bring top glory to their respective nation. They are also able to raid treasures from their enemies to prove their superiority.

Another main attraction of the game is the beautiful and adorable Princess of Air Nymph (PRAN). This pixie-like character is the must have companion for every player. The player will have to interact with the PRAN to mould her personality as she grows and evolves. Other than being a great travelling buddy as the player explores Arcan, she is also a personal cheerleader and can aid the player during battles by enhancing with additional buffs. She can also be dolled up with pretty costumes and accessories to match her unique personality.

For more information about this game, browse for sure :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

League of Legends: Cassiopeia, a New Champion

It just in, a new champion from League of Legends, is right to you, Cassiopeia.

While her sister Katarina has always been the most celebrated member of the household, the Du Couteau family has a long history of service to Noxus. It has often been said that no soldier has ever been as fortunate as General Du Couteau to have been graced with daughters. His youngest, Cassiopeia - despite lacking her sister's killer instincts - was equally renowned in at court for her stately character and elegance. Cunning as she was beautiful, the temptress could never be found far from the arm of any foreign dignitary, her wiles prying secrets from the lips of even the most wary attaché. With the Noxian barbarian pacification campaign having ground to a standstill, Cassiopeia had set her sights on a diplomat from a tribe of the Freljord region. Thinking him an easy mark, the scheming seductress set about beguiling him. He refused to confide in her, however, until she swore an oath of secrecy upon his sword - a strange weapon with a serpentine curve to the blade.

Kratos versus Sub Zero, Who is gonna win?

What would happen if Kratos, the demigod from Greek, devastating Liu Kang cs?

According to report from Playstation magazine, Kratos, protagonist from the God of War series, will be available as a playable character in the upcoming Mortal Kombat game.

Kratos is here for you to choose as a fighter in the regular game, and according to reports from developer, Kratos would also have its own fatality.

Alright, we know he is the star of God of War, popularized by Sony. So it only make sense if its appearance only happen in Mortal Kombat game PS3 version. Which leave us wondering, is there any agreement between the developer of the game with Xbox 360 to bring the popular game character from those system? Errr ... Master Chef maybe?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Idol followed Idol's Twitter, facing scandal

The world of Idol is extremely difficult, even if you want to pee in the toilet, it could be a story. Even, the people who idolized you are otaku in Japan.

Just happened to Aya Hirano, the voice over artist (or seiyuu), which became hit when she voiced the character of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as well as the character Konata in Lucky Star. Voice roles in games like Eternal Sonata, Final Fantasy: Chocobo's Dungeon and Yakuza 4 followed.

This time Hirano’s fans were furious, especially after she’s done in one of the TV show. She confessed to liking and dating older men. She talked about her ex-boyfriend, who had an affair and dating many women at the same time.

Idol for fans, are pure. They put them on pedestal, and forbidden for others to reach it. Hirano is idol, so when they know their idol Following other Twitter’s account, they were crabbed.

So after Ace pitcher from Nippon-Ham Fighters, Yu Darvish, Hirano asked if she Would follow him after tweeting on Twitter about Hirano, a fan informed him that since she is an idol, she doesn’t follow anyone .

Regardless, Hirano began Following Darvish, something that caused Darvish to apologize to her fans. The big thing is, Darvish himself is facing a larger scandal. His wife, Saeko, are seeking a divorce, after Darvish reported hanging out in Sapporo’s red light district.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Participate in the survey, you will get paid

Yes, of course it makes you curious, didn't it?

I know something, basically on how to make money via the Internet. Although this is not a large amount of money, but you can do this for free, just rely on your patience and consistency on following this program.

Try Surveyhead, an online survey service which give you "a handful " money by participating in the survey they provided.

At Survey Head, your opinion matters, and by carefully Providing answers to market research surveys, you are personally Helping to shape the business strategies of executives from around the world.
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And the concept itself is simple, after you register freely, you'll be given some list of survey that need to be followed, after the survey is completed, the system will give you money.
Simple, right?

To withdraw money, Surveyhead apply the minimum payment of US$ 25, so if the amount that you receive has not reached yet, you can not withdraw funds to your PayPal account.

Attractive and simple, right?
Let's try joining Surveyhead and wrote to get money for free

ARGO Online close beta is open!

Looking for something interesting to play on your older computer? How about a free-to-play MMO? Or maybe hybrid steampunk post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy free-to-play MMO? If that sounds interesting then grab your keyboard and mouse, because the closed beta for ARGO Online is coming up and this game is looking for all kind of testers.

ARGO Online is a game which divide by two factions: the nature-loving Floresslah and the technology-based Noblians. Both struggling to gain supremacy of what's left after dropping enormous bombs on each other. Among many of the things, players will face a classes between Bomber and Chaser, PvP challenges that will offer wide-ranging battles between hundreds of players at a time, a pet system, tradeskills, and more.

The system requirements are also fairly low, which opens up the potential for more people to play. If you'd like for more information and trying to sign up for testing, just visit ARGO Online website at

Be prepared with the new flesh blood of Lara

Lara Croft is starting anew adventure with the next Tomb Raider game, after todays cover Game Informer magazine, this chick will come back to her origin story, which would signify another serious change for the franchise.

According to details from the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, the new Tomb Raider starring a 21-year-old Lara will be a total "brand" reboot. One aspect of the brand affected by that, maybe the flesh and blood spokesmodels hired to shill the latest, greatest Tomb Raider game. Seems that particular tactic will become a Tomb Raider artifact, with no more "real" Lara Croft models employed to promote Eidos' 15-year-old series.

While that may be sad news for the aspiring Lara lookalikes of the modeling world, its doubtful too many gamer tears will be shed over the loss of Eidos' T&A tactics.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Future of PC Gaming, online and massive?

This month, all gamers are waiting for the latest update World of Warcraft, Cataclysm. But actually that's not all that makes this industry so rife, but what happens on the PC gaming world as a whole.

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games that used to be known as the home of fantasy, magic and swordplay, but now it's been known as a game with different themes and story settings that make this genre deepens the meaning of role playing and interactions between players.

"I think something very big is happening in online play in general," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment, the company behind DC Universe Online, Free Realms and EverQuest.

New Tomb Raider is all about origin!

“After a brutal storm destroys the boat she was travelling on, a frightened young woman is left washed ashore on an unknown beach. On her own but not alone she has only one goal, to survive”

Developer Crystal Dynamics, whose working on new Tomb Raider game, convinced media that they are building an origin story for Lara Croft.

“Forget everything you knew about TOMB RAIDER, we are exploring things that have never been done before in this game,” said Darrell Gallagher, Head of Studio, Crystal Dynamics. “This is an origins story that creates Lara Croft and takes her on a character defining journey like no other.”

The game itself, will begin the first adventure for a young and inexperienced Lara Croft in a story which charts the journey of an ordinary woman who finds out just how far she must go in order to stay alive.

TOMB RAIDER makes its worldwide debut in the January issue of Game Informer magazine. The cover story features 10 pages of exclusive content and is available beginning today for subscribers and on newsstands December 11. Don’t forget to visit their official site at

WoW running on Android phone

Ever thinking about playing online game, like World of Warcraft, on the phone? Well, that could be happen now. The demo, provided by GameString, show WoW game running on Android HTC Desire. It turns out that the popular game on earth can also run on Android phones.

GameString platform will make it easier to run the Remote Play by streaming to desktop, notebook, tablet or other smartphone. Each device also has a different interface when played simultaneously using this Dual Mode Delivery Technology.

Previously, GameString have been demonstrating playing WOW on Google TV, and now they show the demo on an Android smartphone. Some of the problem like lag and bugs happen on this Alpha version was admitted by GameString.

There are several requirements and server specification to be able to streamed on HTC Desire:

* Host server GameString Adrenalin with Dual Mode Delivery which running game WOW.
* HTC Android Desire device
* On the server: Internet speeds up to 2Mbps (upload)
* On the Client (HTC Desire): Dedicated line with download speed on 2Mbps via 802.11g Wifi
* Server to client Network: 2 peer hops, 5 node hops, geographical separation - 80km.

Say goodbye to copying in Japan

Japanese current law is kinda unique. It is illegal to upload or sell pirated games and movies. But it is legal if you copy it for personal use. Well, knowing that their rule against piracy are still weak. So, Japanese intend to change the rule that can accommodate both premise which actually contradicted.

According to the Asahi Newspaper, Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs is preparing new legislation that would revise the copyright law today. With this rule, the government able to ban the creation and distribution of software copying program. The revision, however, does not mention about the penalties for acts such as copying. Currently, copying software is already available online and are not banned.

This new revision does not stop at DVD copying
software, but also refers to devices like the R4 in that the law could be expanded to ban the production of the devices that can run pirated games on consoles. R4 device is clearly a major disease for Nintendo Wii sales since 2007. Nintento itself already sent a lawsuit and asked consumers not to buy the R4 devices.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My LUX guide in League of Legends

“Before further reading, I want to emphasize on this article that this is not the best guide of Lux in the League of Legends. There are many good guide that can be found on their forums. This is more about a story of my experience that I can share with. If you had any opinion about this article, that would be welcome.”

Lux is a woman champion of royal Demacia, she has a fundamental talent to apply their skills and magic wands to becomes a very lethal weapon.

Damage 50 (+3.3 / per level)
Health 345 (+79 / per level)
Mana 250 (+50 / per level)
Move Speed 315
Armor 8 (+4 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
Health Regen 0.9 (+0.11 / per level)
Mana Regen 0 (+0.08 per level)

Metal Black Alternative preview

Metal Black: Alternative (MBA) is an action shooter RPG. This year, NCsoft released a brand new promotional trailer for this game at G-Star 2010. Apart from providing action role playing fun, MBA adopts Shoot & Bomb actions instead of Hack & Slash gameplay and offers a unique APU system.

MBA is set on the futuristic sci-fi earth where players fight against each other for resources and energy. At the beginning of the game, players can choose to be a striker, an inspector or a machinist, and then communicate with other players or NPCs after entering the game hall Outpost Base. Moreover, they are able to enhance weapons, change equipment and team up to start doing quests given by NPCs at the Base.

MBA is a fast-paced game, in which a fight can be finished in 15-20 min. MBA takes players 1-2 hours to enjoy the game every day. The game mode can be simply classified into PVP and PVE. In the PVE mode, it is best for players to form a team with 3-4 members, while the PVP mode offers 8-player combats and RVR battles for guilds. The ultimate goal of both PVP and PVE is to grab more resources necessary for human survival.

MBA has created a more energetic and offensive Armed Personal Unit (APU). They considered various vehicles like motorbikes and aircrafts to present the ultimate personal unit at first, but finally decided to use robot mounts which could improve movement speed as well as attack power. APU is an extremely powerful ultimate weapon bearing deadly attack like bombs. APU will be customized, so that players can make their unique APU.

MBA business model is not clear yet, but some items are needed to resurrect characters, which gives players some space for imagination.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Playboy Party on its way to Facebook

Game Facebook lately become favorite for traditional gaming companies, because the low-cost develop, style game which is casual, so enable to reach a wider market for the users. After a couple of companies like Disney and McDonald's set their foot on the platform, this time an American adult magazine, Playboy, also participated to enter the market, titled Playboy Party.

In Playboy Party, players can customize their avatars, build a house, and collect a variety of "Playboy's Girls." In addition to a cartoon-style characters, this game also integrate a realistic scene, and allows players to decorate the mansion, hold a party and friendly guest service. After making certain achievements, players can open and enjoy the pictures of Playboy Girls in bikinis, one by one.

Wanna iPhone 4 for $25?

If you smart enough, you can get an iPhone 4 from Radio Shack for as little as $25.

RadioShack is running a little special event from Dec. 4-11 that offers a $50 discount on iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. You must buy new devices and not refurbs. You just have to be eligible for upgrade. This means you must be ready for a new two-year agreement.

So the pricing would be: $49.99 for 3GS, $149.99 for 16 gig iPhone 4 and $249.99 for a 32-gig iPhone 4.

The Shack also offers a trade-in program. iPhone 3G owners get $75 and 3GS get $125. All in all, you could get a new iPhone 4 for as little as $24.99 if you want to sign up with AT&T for two years.

Prototype going to have sequel

After what I did in the first game (included evidence on the picture below), I'm sure that the first Prototype has been completed. Means there is no other sequel to a pretty good game, though not too good because it's contain some elements of Grand Theft Auto.

But my guess is wrong, because the website "Murder your maker," launched a trailer due to be shown at the Spike Video Game Awards in this month. And the contents of the trailer is showing some scenes from the first game and several imagery of the New York City. This award were scheduled to be held on 11 December.

Will I play again? We'll see ...

The Ukrainian artist Protsenko Pavel has a thing for Mass Effect 2, leaving us with this... interesting looks, where men look like fire-proof war machines while women look like sexy little pin-up models.

Pavel appears to be compositing different pose of screenshots and actual photographs together, which explains why in some cases the character's joints look...wrong. Still, overall the effect is great!

Friday, December 3, 2010

New content from Cabal Online, Epi V: Mercenaries

CABAL Online, the fast-paced free-to-play MMORPG, will release its latest free content expansion – Episode V: Mercenaries on this month. After in Episode IV we saw an increasing level cap and the opening of a new region on October, Episode V will continue to add exciting new content for players to enjoy. This update will live globally, with players in the US and Europe enjoying the content before players in Korea.

Mercenary System

The mercenary system will allow players to summon a helping hand, in the form of a NPC-controlled character, while inside the dungeons of the game. It opens up a brand new objective to achieve, with a whole variety of different mercenaries available to find and "recruit". While group play and team work will remain an essential part of the game, the introduction of mercenaries will assist in the creation of balanced parties to take on the most challenging encounters. Mercenaries will have a number of benefits. This includes buffs and stat boosts for the entire party, while mercenaries will join in by attacking monsters that either damage, or are damaged by, their summoner.

Dungeon Leader boards

One of the central features of CABAL Online are the fast-paced, hugely chaotic, timed dungeons. From the solo DX dungeons – which require players to complete a quest within a very short time frame – to the large party dungeons which require quick thinking to complete before the clock runs out, getting the best possible time has long been an unrewarded aim. Now this dungeon will be recognized when the introduction of a leader board system live. On entering each dungeon, a clear ranking will be displayed of those who have completed it in the fastest time. It will set a clear goal and challenge, with the aim no longer to simply complete the dungeon but to do so in the fastest possible time.

Improved Drop Rates

Combining with the new competitive incentive to enter the games dungeons, the drop rate system has been overhauled to provide a much more rewarding experience. The majority of high level equipment will now drop as "bind on equip", allowing a significantly higher drop rate of these items than in the past. This is an important, and no doubt a welcome, change for players of the game.

Mail Systems

A long requested feature has been the ability to use the games mailing system to send messages between players. This now been available, with the option to send messages, gold and items to any player – whether online or offline – inside of the game.

Dual Pets

Expanding on the existing pet system, it will now be possible to equip two pets. Both of the pets will follow their owner and will level up to provide slots to be filled with stat boosts.

New Quests

A whole host of new challenging quests have been added to the game, including dungeon quests, starter quests and the quest to find the ‘Ring of Tyrant'.

Final result of GNGWC 2010

The grand final of GNGWC2010 that traveled around the globe for 4 months have finally returned to Bexco, Busan. "Atlantica" from Ndoors, "Shot Online" from Onnet and "Silk Road Online" from Joy Max" were selected as the main game in GNGWC2010 with the total award of 27,000 USD. By holding the grand final game in G Star 2010, it successfully concluded the major international gaming event:

Egyptian gamers held up their flags high after winning the Silk Road Online competition and a German player defeated a US player in Atlantica and won the award. Shot Online was won by a Korean player, of which three out of four finalists were also Korean.

40 gamers from US, Germany, France, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia competed against each other to become the best and enjoyed their stay in Korea. We were able to see that GNGWC has become a global event instead of being limited to a global marketing tool.

4Story reveal its secret, 3rd Kingdom Broa!!!

Zemi Interactive, Inc., Korea's leading MMORPG developer and service provider of famous free to play MMO "4Story" has announced today that they are ready to reveal their long prepared secret project "Broa the 3rd nation" to all 4Story fans worldwide.

In the world of 4Story, endless conflicts between 2 kingdoms 'Craxion' and 'Defugel' have taken place for over 2 years of its service. The title, 4Story stands for 3 kingdoms & 1 hero. Over 700,000 active users worldwide have always wondered about the 3rd Kingdom Broa and Zemi Interactive is finally ready to quench their thirst.

The "3rd Kingdom Broa" update will first be released on November 25th, 2010 through its global service platform. With new force 'Broa' joining the chaotic battle grounds of 4Story, all 4Story fans worldwide holds their breath preparing for new coming era. Loyalty, Betrayal, New rising power, this very new chapter will be written by the players of 4Story.

"We have been preparing ‘The 3rd kingdom Broa’ update for past 11 months. New weapons, Armors, Siege war, Trade routes, towns, fields, instant dungeon, and more will be introduced with this grand update. We believe this very update will bring many unexpected changes to the game. 4Story is war concentrated MMO. Here at Zemi, we are trying our best put all our creative thoughts together to provide all 4Story fans with more exciting war features to the game. This grand update is just a beginning. We have multiple updates coming your way in 2011,” said the Head developer of 4Story, Mr. Hyunho Shin.

Casual Players vs Hardcore Players

Have you ever thought, when playing MMORPG like World of Warcraft, you will find a term that distinguishes between the two players? Yes, those types of players are casual players and hardcore players. But did you truly understand the meaning of those words? At least in our observations, we sought to understand the meaning of the term.

Casual Players

Players of this type tend to play games for their own entertainment, they are not going to rush to catch up the level as quickly as possible. Time spent on the this type of player is not as much as time spent by the hardcore players. They were not too adept at mastering the game, but overall they are also not so bad in the game.

Casual players probably going to follow raid, although it is rare and they do not think about the process. For the frequency of the game, casual players will log once, twice or maybe just settle things in game, according to its cooldown time. And they tend to use the auction feature to make a profit.

Hardcore Players

Players of this type will play MMORPG exceed the level of their own pleasure, rather than freelancers who play for pay, hardcore players much better. That's because they devote much of their life just to log on the game, they do things like: do all the quests, collecting herbs, rob, or just talk nonsense with another player.

Usually, they will gather in the guild who have a high level, because their purpose is realm. They also have a tight schedule against raidboss, they are obliged to attend and perform in raid a few times a week. The presence of these players have a big role, because the guild with players of this type are extremely rare. They really know well about their character class, and often discuss in message board or in the game and exchange thought among its members.

They may be bored, it's because the content does not match with their needs. Thus, they often have more than one character. And certainly, they are addicted to MMORPGs they play the same time.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pirates of the Burning Sea is Free-to-Play now

Lets sail free on the water!!!

Yeap, If you've been looking for a little free-to-play pirate fun, look no further than Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotB). The pirate-based MMOG recently announced the free-to-play sails and is now available to everyone without anymore subscription. Utilizing a model similar to that of Turbine, PotB offers premium content via an in-game store (item mall) and also offers players a subscription-based Captain's Club membership for $14.99/mo, which provides access to premium content and additional bonuses.

The premium content are like slot for character and dock (to park your ship), discount of purchasing inside the game, as well as bonus on experience, item loot chance, and finally, access to special mission.

Law Action will be taken to Protect IR on Chinese Gov.

The increasingly serious infringements of intellectual property rights (the piracy software) in Mainland, China (which have severely affect the game, movie & TV, and novel industries), put the State Council Information Office of the PRC held a press conference on Nov. 30, and announced to take action to protect the intellectual property rights from the end of this year.
According to Jiang Zengwei, Vice Minister of Commerce of the PRC and director of the National Office of Special Actions, the protection of intellectual property rights is necessary for the market to grow stably, and the action carried out around Mainland, China this time also reflects relevant authorities' fierce determination to solve the problem.

So far, 30 important cases have been handled initially in this special action, and the General Administration of Press and Publication has also investigated 55 important copyright infringement cases. Meanwhile, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the PRC, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the General Administration of Customs have put more energy into management. This action is wise, because it also lays a firm foundation for the western game companies' to march into the Chinese market.

Complete Remastered MapleStory on This Month

Nexon America has announced that the biggest update in the history of MapleStory will take place on this December, all North American players will experience a completely new kind of adventure. Unlike any other update before, everything in the game has remastered, report said.

On this update, players will be able to level up faster than before, all skills and monsters have also been rebalanced, allowing players to rediscover the game with focused skills and familiar monsters. In addition, players will enjoy a visual with higher resolution, allowing them to experience a richer visual in the game. Other changes include a complete revamp on interface, making it simpler, neater and easier to navigate.

Prepare for the REBIRTH of Granado Espada

After 3-years operate as Free-To-Play game, Granado Espada has never failed to mesmerize gamers in the region to continue playing and explore the New World. Gamers continue to be the best as they could with the consistent content patches that improve the gameplay approximately every 3 months.

Granado Espada allows gamer to control up to three characters and have the option to enhance their gaming experience through purchases of weapons, armors, in-game items, etc. And now, Granado Espada will be progressing into its latest expansion, Version 5, across Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Gamers are expected to experience refreshing and dramatic differences from its previous versions.

New features of the game includes a new map expansion based on a periodic concept of the 1500s to 1700s, new character Valeria, new dungeons & expert stances and a brand new item reward system.

Valeria is the hidden twin sister to Princess Gabriela who is leader of the Royalist faction. Since birth, she was confined in the deepest part of Prison de Jaquin by orders of the Vespanola King to prevent any opposition from kidnapping her for anti-government activities. The name, Valeria was given to her by her rescuers when her camp was invaded.

Valeria in the game is a scout class, but with better recovery level and a longer range for healing than her predecessor.

With an Expert stance (skills book) provided, she will be the best supporting character! She might have very low DEF but that's due to low Strength and robe-type armor. However, she has a set of powerful recovery skills that makes her indispensible in raids and PVP.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to select a good MMO for your child

If you really dont understand which MMO is appropriate for your family (especially your children), maybe you would consider this article to be your ultimate guidance for you. If you want to keep your kids safe on the internet, the best strategy for choosing suitable games is a combination of tactics tailored to your family's likes, dislikes and needs.

Check the ESRB rating.
Like movie ratings, ESRB ratings are far from a fool-proof system for deciding what's right for your kids – but they're a great starting point.

Read outsider reviews.
Game reviews from sites that specialize in media and reviews, not in games themselves, can sometimes miss context and nuance within a game. However, that doesn't render their insights worthless. Reviews from sites like these are often conscientious, thoughtful analyses.

* Common Sense Media
* What They Play

Read insider reviews.
Here's where you get a whiff of what a game smells like once you're inside. Start out here at Massively and then run through other gaming sites around the 'net.

* Joystiq
* Game Rankings
* Gamespot

Read other gaming parents' reviews.
It's the best of both worlds: reviewers who both play video games and have children of their own.

* Gamer Dad
* PlaySavvy

Watch trailers and game play footage.
Trailers all too often bear little resemblance to actual game play, but they do illustrate a game's overall tone. Videos of actual game play may be of more use. Google and YouTube liberally for both official and player-made footage.

Read up.
The Book of Games provides in-depth reviews plus handy features for parents, including ratings on each game's complexity, required reading skills and even morality (to what extent the game rewards positive behavior). Print media does become outdated fairly rapidly. Still, with all the supporting material that's included, books like this one can be a decent value (and an interesting read).

Don't make systems-based assumptions.
As the gaming industry continues to wolf down new demographics, you can no longer afford to make sweeping assumptions about individual games based on the gaming platforms on which they appear. Just because it's on Wii (or Nintendo) doesn't mean it's appropriate for your child. Even though it's also on XBox, it might not be evil incarnate. Review games, not gaming systems.

Is it sandboxable?
Kids want to play what everyone else in the family is playing. Many young players enjoy supervised play in smaller "sandboxes" within larger MMOs. Newbie zones, cities and crafting can be fun, smaller-scale ways of playing the big-boy stuff. You can keep an eye on things with precautions such as restricting chat and player interaction, or you can join the fun and play along with them. Would that work for the game your child wants to play?

Know your child.
Only you can match your children's age, abilities and personality to the games they want to play. Would your devilishly intelligent grade-schooler latch onto pervasive innuendo? Don't buy the game. Might your homework-laden teen be likely to get sucked into endless faction grinding? Choose another game. What makes this principle so difficult to put into action is that it demands some level of familiarity with the games kids want to play. Beyond the storyline and general goals of the game, ask yourself what sort of activities players are doing on a daily basis. (Are they killing monsters or other players? Playing mini-games? Chatting?) What are the other players like? (How old are they? How much will they interact?)

Let's collect and share your favorite methods of sniffing out the best (and worst) games for your kids. How do you decide if a game is a good fit for your family?

A parent's guide to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft? Yeah, even folks who don't play video games at all have heard of this behemoth of MMO gaming. With 12 million subscribers worldwide, the WoW practically come to define an entire generation's worth of MMO gaming. While it's designed for teens and up, the game is so ubiquitous that you wouldn't have to dig far to find players of all ages, including many teens but also younger children as well.

With a new expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, due for release on December 7th, plenty of kids (and grownups) will be angling for WoW in their holiday stockings. The question is: Is WoW a good fit for your kids? With good preparation and consistent parent moderation, it can be -- but if you don't play the game yourself or you take a more hands-off approach to gaming, you may want to wait until your little goblin- or worgen-to-be is well into the teen years. This article come from MMO Family which is a good guide for parents to inside-look about WoW for younger children and teens.

World of Warcraft
Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Launched November 23rd, 2004; the latest expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, will launch December 7th, 2010

What systems does it run on?
WoW is built to be as systems-friendly and forgiving as possible. The bare minimum system requirements for Windows systems are: Windows XP 32bit (SP3), Windows XP 64bit (SP2), Windows Vista 32bit (SP1), Windows Vista 64bit (SP1); Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500; 1GB or more of RAM; NVIDIA® GeForce® FX or ATI Radeon™ 9500 video card or better; DirectX-compatible sound card or motherboard sound capability; 25 GB free hard drive space; a keyboard and mouse; active broadband internet connection. For Mac systems: Mac OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.4, or newer; Intel Core Duo processor; 2 GB RAM; 25 GB free hard drive space; a keyboard and mouse; active broadband internet connection.

The game will run much more smoothly and enjoyably on a system that meets WoW's recommended system requirements.

How much does it cost?
As this post went to press, pricing for the game itself was changing in preparation for the launch of the Cataclysm expansion. The game is currently available from Blizzard at the following rates: original World of Warcraft, $5; The Burning Crusade, $5; Wrath of the Lich King, $10; and Cataclysm, $39.99. The game also requires a monthly subscription with plans ranging from $12.99 to $14.99 per month.

What's the game all about?
World of Warcraft takes place in the fantasy world of Azeroth. Players create characters from races within one of two factions and choose one of a handful of traditional, fantasy classes. Although WoW is billed as a roleplaying game, for most players, the gameplay itself is all about questing, running dungeons with groups of five players, leveling up and raiding. While casual players may be more interested in the leveling experience itself (all the way to 85 in Cataclysm), the kernel of today's WoW experience is all about gearing up for and participating in endgame raiding with a group of 10 or 25 other players.

What does the game look and feel like?
World of Warcraft's art direction has been called cartoonish by some, but there's no denying how successfully its rich color palette, imaginative world design and details such as over-the-top shoulder armor propel players into the fantasy world. Make no mistake, however -- despite an aversion to strict realism in art, this is not a world designed specifically for youngsters. While the social atmosphere of such an immense player population varies according to and among realms, time of day, guild membership, and individual groups of players, pop internet culture is the invariable social bottom line.

Who's the target audience?
World of Warcraft is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for blood and gore, crude humor, mild language, suggestive themes, and use of alcohol and violence. In Australia, the game's earned an M rating from the Office of Film and Literature Classification, and Pan European Game Information gives it a 12+ (11+ in Finland). While younger children can (and often do) enjoy playing WoW, the meat of the game is definitely aimed at an older, more socially interactive group of players.

Who plays?
It's safe to say that World of Warcraft is enjoyed by all ages of players, from very young children to senior citizens. Families will find WoW to be a wonderful venue for gaming at different levels of intensity for the whole family; it's a fantastic way to keep in touch for families who are spread out across the miles. That said, the majority of World of Warcraft players whom you'll encounter out in the gaming world at large are most likely to be young adults, with men skewing younger and women skewing older.

What playstyles does the game most suit?
Over the years, World of Warcraft has evolved to be more and more receptive to players with a casual attitude who enjoy shorter, more productive play sessions. That said, the emphasis is still very much on endgame content -- and that means raiding or highly strategic encounters in organized groups of 10 or 25 players. Raiding is very much like joining a sports team or any other after-school group; it's a commitment that shouldn't be undertaken lightly, and we've written an entire article to help you decide if raiding is right for your teen.

For families, WoW offers a rich tapestry of questing, exploration and crafting, whether family members enjoy playing on their own or as a group. Young teens might enjoy the game the best by planning to play with real-life friends. Keep reading for tips on ways your younger children can play WoW at their own level of enjoyment.

How does the game address kids' internet safety?
WoW features basic parental control tools including a profanity filter for chat, a parental control scheduling tool that allows you to determine the hours your young player can be logged in to the game, and controls that allow or prohibit sharing email addresses, Facebook connections and real names with other players. None of these tools is specifically designed to create a child-friendly atmosphere for young children; if the thought of pervasive, free social interaction with strangers raises your alarms, then WoW is not the game for your child.

What kid-friendly features keep young players moving through the content?
Since WoW's content is aimed squarely at teens and adults, the game isn't in any way designed specifically with kid-friendly features. But that's not to say that a gaming-savvy parent can't set up a situation for even young children to enjoy playing.

This article would not recommend buying WoW specifically for a younger child to play; however, if you already play the game and your own kids desperately want to join in the fun, there are plenty of ways to do that safely, productively and enjoyably.

What can players do outside the game?
There's an "other" world tied in with the World of Warcraft -- books, comics, a board game, a trading card game and enthusiastic communities devoted to fanfic, music and arts and crafts. By far, though, most players will spend their time in the game itself or reading and discussing it with others on Blizzard's forums or dozens of other independent, specialized websites, forums, blogs and guild websites.

Pay it a huge cash, Play on a huge screen

If you had $15,000.00, what would you do with it? Pay some bills? Maybe upgrade your girlfriend's gifts? Well, if you're the guy who love MMO than anyone else, maybe you could try this crazy thing, renting out the biggest honking video screen one can find and playing an MMO. Yes, indeed, for the low, low price of roughly 1,500 dollars a minute, you too can subject random passers-by to a raw display of your mad online skillz and leetness for a whopping 10 minutes. Only 10 minutes, ha?

Nah this was a joking, this is the kind of way from publisher to campaign their latest MMO, Magic World Online 2. So what's next? Well, we'll wait for the inevitable e-peenery of someone renting out the entirety of Fremont street's 1,500-foot long Las Vegas LCD skyscreen just to play those game. This kind of method is another way to deliver crazy idea beside already given campaign by playing video game on iPad and playing games on iMax screen theater. :)

Video Games Sends to Afghanistan by Canadian

Do you think by playing Video Game in the middle of the war could release their stress, even for a bit? Well that is what Canadian think about their soldier. Recently, spokesman of Canada's DND (Department of National Defense) confirmed that 500 copies of games are headed for their forward operating bases in Afghanistan. At present, 500 to 600 Canadian soldiers are stationed at Ma'sum Ghar and Sperwan Ghar outside Kandahar, and the game purchase can almost endow each soldier with one copy. Canada plans to end its combat mission in Afghanistan by July 1, 2011, and will be turning over infrastructure to U.S. forces and NATO over the coming months, including a forward operating base.

Canadian military officials declined to provide details about the handover, or about the precise number of Canadian soldiers deployed at the forward base, citing operational security. Cmdr. Hubert Genest said that the game purchase actually served as a part of the DND's morale and welfare program

"Soldiers are in location 24/7. They don't take any leave. And so this program exists," said Genest.

The 500 copies of games purchased include 93 copies of Gears of War (said to be PC-based), 82 copies of Call of Duty (two versions involved), and Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock that are both not that violent.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Do You Really Get Paid to Play Video Games?

There are many ways for you to get paid to play video games out there. There are also many ways to earn money online by following the online game contests. It is true that this kind of job for playing video games can be achieved. Before deciding to seek work in the video game industry, you should be familiar with some specific requirements that will be required.

The question of whether a job such as "Get paid to play video games" is a scam or real. Even if teenagers have the ability to play video games very well, the fact that most companies in this industry will not employ anyone under 18 for an internal position in which the company must consider the tax laws and labor so that they are very strict about the age employees. Despite your love of the game is huge, there is a possibility that you can not meet educational requirements for college since you are under age.

Such educational qualifications are needed for most positions that allow you to get paid by playing video games. Despite the fact that your performance may be great in the game, but the industry require you to have the ability to analyze, discuss, read and write your skills at a very high level. Experienced on writing for this kind of job is very important, especially to write analytically.

Although you can jump over these obstacles, many high-level job slots in the video game industry brings you into a condition where you need to show proof of previous experience. As a result, you may have to start by working in small companies that will help build your resume but an opportunity for you to get experience out there is to browse the network called the Internet.

Microsoft's "Kinect" system is a game changer

From Here: "I think Microsoft has a major, long-term, hit on its hands with the Kinect sensor, which was released Thursday.

Kinect retails for $149.99 and is essentially a camera that detects players’ movements and some voice commands.

Sony’s new PlayStation Move controller and the popular Nintendo Wii-Mote both allow users to hold wand-like devices in their hands to play games. This allows for a unique playing experience, involving the player in more true-to-life movements. If you want to swing a golf club or a light sabre, you wave your Move or Wii-Mote controller like a golf or Star Wars weapon in real time.

Kinect allows you to do this without holding anything.

I think, potentially, Kinect will be as big a game changer as the Nintendo Wii became.

It’s easy to set up. If you have a newer “slim” Xbox, you plug in one cable in the rear of the machine. If you have the older version, you plug in the Kinect to a USB port and to a power source. The Kinect detects body movements in a virtual “field,” so you will need a little space. I had to move a table and a chair, and you need to be standing six to eight feet away from the sensor.

Using Kinect in the Menu screens reminded me a lot of watching Tom Cruise in “Minority Report.” You are swiping things left and right with your hands in the air while watching the TV screen respond to your movements. The revamped Xbox Live experience is stellar, too.

With Netflix, ESPN and the upcoming Hulu Plus, Xbox is a solid alternative to Google TV or Apple TV and is something many people already have in their living rooms. The ESPN intergration is especially cool, allowing you to see “SportsCenter” on demand and view live and saved sporting events, including some out of market.

Moving around the menus is seamless -- and sometimes hands free -- and you can even tell Kinect to do things with your voice, such as turn on, play a disc, go up a screen or back one. But it’s not perfect.

Kinect had issues detecting me while I was seated, and playing “Kinect Joy Ride,” a simple driving game, required you to stand up and hold your hands in front of you like you’re gripping an imaginary steering wheel. The driving game, though, is quite fun, and Nintendo simple, except its got HD graphics. I just would expect to sit down while I played a driving game.

In some sports games, Kinect can’t detect how hard you throw a ball or necessarily which direction. It just knows you made a throwing motion. Still, “Kinect Sports” should be every bit the hit here that “Wii Sports” was before it. Bowling while making real bowling motions -- with arms and legs -- is incredibly realistic. Track and Field got me sweaty and I just flat enjoyed kicking the balls around in soccer.

“Kinect Adventures” was another standout among the games I tried. You played in space, in water and on mountains. The graphics were amazing and truly using your whole body to play, while not perfectly implemented, is a new thing in videogames. There’s a “Space Invaders” like segment on Adventures where you are smashing balls with hands and feet that is just amazing.

“Dance Central” featured music from Salt N Pepa (“Push It”) and Craig Mack (“Flava In Your Ear”) and asks you to repeat the dance moves you see. Simple. Fast. Fun. But my favorite was “Your Shape Fitness Evolved.”

It features workouts created by the guys at Men’s Health and Women’s Health and you basically create a character that looks a lot like you (with a digital picture of you) and follow the on-screen assistant in a variety of workouts from step aerobics to boxing. The game gives you feedback as you go to make sure you’re doing moves correctly and I think you could really get in shape using this.

I think this is something families will really enjoy. You can video-conference from your living room, connecting your family all at once to loved ones who have a Kinect or a Windows Live Messenger account on their PC. And as Microsoft works out the kinks via firmware upgrades, I think Kinect could end up as the best of all the new controller gizmos.

It’s definitely on my Christmas list."

Aion 2.5/3.0 Info Revealed

"Aion 2.5 will upgrade the visual effect and the graphic will be close to that shows in the Vision movie. If you still remember the movie released last year you must be impressed by its enhanced graphic. People see this video as an Aion 3.0 trailer, but NCsoft has told in different occasions that the contents show in the trailer won't be available in a single update but will be released to players in several patches."

According to NCSoft's Kim Hyoung-Jun, they will apply improved CryEngine in Aion 2.5 but considering the upgraded graphic will require more powerful PC, the developer will provide another version that makes little change on graphic. That's to say, there will be 2 clients, one for high end PCs, one for low end PCs, and the 2 clients are just different on graphic.

He also explains their work on making the Vision movie into reality. He tells that the Aion team understands players' want to have all the exciting new contents in one expansion, but it's difficult for the developer to make it.

It's an interview mainly focuses on Aion 2.1, but the developer mentions some information of the future versions, too. But first I'd like to share with you a new Aion 2.1 dungeon that the developer unveiled in the interview. The 6-man dungeon is different from any of the current dungeon, and it features in challenge mode that allows your party to battle the bosses one by one.

As for the future plan, Kim Hyoung-Jun tells that hopefully in Aion 2.5, the boss monsters could drop pets(the same appearance as the bosses) when you defeat them. Player houses and mounts are two important systems that they plan to release in next expansion. The location of those houses is undecided and mounts are only for travel. He also denies that rumor of new playable race in Aion 2.5/3.0 and says that even there's new playable race it will be in the very far future. Although there won't be new race to play, according to Kim Hyoung-Jun, there may be a chance that Asmodian and Elyos will work together in some quests.

Blizzard Announces World of Warcraft Price Cuts

Savings abound, just in time to Thanksgiving, Cataclysm and Christmas!

Expansions are great aren’t they? Deathwing is officially menacing the world and you’ve got lost in Stormwind three times this morning. All this makes it a great time to get your friends into World of Warcraft, especially with Thanksgiving, Cataclysm and, of course, Christmas coming up.

Blizzard has announced a load of savings if you know someone who is looking to start playing or upgrade from vanilla WoW. The classic game and The Burning Crusade expansion costs just $5/€5 each, while Wrath is just $10/€10, not a bad saving at all! You can also purchase the games at the discounted prices from the Blizzard Store as well.

FFXIV Deploys November Update

While many of us were gorging ourselves on turkey this Thanksgiving, Square Enix was hard at work deploying its November version update for Final Fantasy XIV. Players returning from a short holiday will notice quite a few changes. A rather lengthy post of update notes have been added to the FFXIV website with all the details about the latest changes, which will address a number of issues that have plagued the game since launch, prompting Square Enix to include an additional two months of free play time.

Included in the update are several gameplay changes and a reduction of points needed for ranks 11 through 31. Inventory space has been increased and new tutorial messages have been added to help players learn how things operate.

G-Star 2010: Deals Worth Nearly USD 200M Signed, 280,000 Visitors Attracted

According to the latest news, 4-day Gstar 2010 that was held between Nov. 18 and Nov. 21 has come to an end smoothly as expected. The exhibition attracted 316 game companies from 22 countries, like the world-famous companies including Sony, Microsoft and Blizzard, and the well-known South Korean companies including NCsoft, NHN, Nexon and NeowizGames. It can be said as the greatest Gstar in history.

In the four days, the B2C (Business-to-Consumer) zone of Gstar 2010 attracted the most visitors ever, i.e. 280,000 visitors, 40,000 more than the 240,000 visitors at Gstar 2009.

Meanwhile, over 3,550 negotiations were carried out in the B2B (Business-to-Business) zone, and 166 export contracts worth USD 198 million in total were signed. In comparison with last year's 53 deals worth USD 28 million, a huge progress was made this year.

Gstar is co-run by South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and the Busan city, and is supervised by Korea Creative Content Agency and the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency. Gstar 2010 stands for the sixth time that Gstar has made its appearance.

Dragon's Call Better Than Sex?

A recent contest held by Dragon's Call official shows some interesting views about the game and sex. Many players intended to compare the game - Dragon's Call with their girlfriend and wrote a funny joke about it. Meanwhile, another Dragon's Call Facebook event called "What's your in-game Tarot Card" ran out of 500 gift keys in one day. How did these happen?

Actually, game and sex are not two comparable topics, but it's pretty understandable for young adults to get everything related to sex during the adolescence. (Most young adults, especially male, have a sex impulse in every 30 minutes according to science research and personal experience.) A creative event theme would certainly call out their imagination and creativity in this aspect, just like this contest called "You know you've played too much Dragons Call when..." Players only need to scan the memories in their gaming life and complete this sentence to depict a real situation or a joke. So there we go, a player named Mammotherection wrote - You know you've played too much Dragons Call say "One sec, Running Instances with my new apprentice" when your girlfriend is already naked in bed. (Note: Instance and Mentor-Apprentice are two major game features in Dragon's Call). If a smile appeared on your face, check out more creative entries underneath this News.

And no, no more entries for this contest now. It's closed. But Dragon's Call official started another enticing event, called "What's your in-game tarot card" with tons of free gift keys on the event page. The first 500 gift keys were sent out in 24 hours instantly after the event page went live on Facebook. Luckily a lot more keys have been loaded due to the pressure of player replies in the official forum