Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zu Online preparing new content

Expansions are no fun with just one or two new features, which is why Zu Online is bringing a dozen of them to bear with its new update. On December 27th, this martial arts MMO is planning to launch The Blood Demon's Assault, and Zu Online players will have their hands full.

The Blood Demon is a big bad who was slain in battle but lives on as a malevolent spirit. In an attempt to return and rule over the three worlds of the game (physical, celestial and ghostdom), the Blood Demon has ordered his troops to conquer the vital Hexad Region. Fortunately, the good guys got wise to his plan and are marshaling their own armies to forestall his return.

Blood Demon's Assault includes new instances and systems for players to master, although IGG has even more planned than the company is telling. The update has been in testing for months now and should prove to be a nice belated Christmas gift for the community.

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