Thursday, December 16, 2010

My ASHE guide in League of Legends

“Before further reading, I want to emphasize on this article that this is not the best guide of Ashe in the League of Legends. There are many good guide that can be found on their forums. This is more about a story of my experience that I can share with. If you had any opinion about this article, that would be welcome.”

One of the perennial favorites of summoners in the League of Legends is the Freljordian beauty known as Ashe. She is a direct descendant of Avarosa - one of three legendary sisters who each claimed dominion over the scattered tribes dwelling in the icy tundra of northern Valoran. Ashe mirrors her ancestor's unparalleled mastery of the bow, earning her the title of ''the Frost Archer'' the way Avarosa did during her era.

Ashe is a literal Princess amongst her people, though she prefers to be addressed by outsiders as her tribal title rather than any form of royal moniker. There are those in Freljord, however, that would prefer to address Ashe as the ''late'' Frost Archer; the other two tribes that are descendants from the Three Sisters are historically sworn enemies of Ashe and her people. Having survived more than one assassination attempt in her life, Ashe is always aware of her surroundings regardless of where she is.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There will be more iPhone games which look like Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade currently is the best seller on the iPhone, this game really damn good at visual. And starting this Thursday, anyone will be able to make this kind of game in the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using the same technology as Infinity Blade does.

The iOS Version of Unreal Development Kit, reported by Wall Street Journal, will be free to download this thursday. The engine is made by Epic Games, and they made a variation program made for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 engine to this Apple platform.

This is no surprise, really. This is how Epic works. The company is at least as much a graphics technology maker as it is a game development powerhouse. Epic creates graphics engines and licenses them to other companies which can then build their games using Epic's tools. Traditionally we've seen Epic get the most of their engines for their own games. In fact, Epic's games have been showpieces for Unreal tech. Gears of War and Gears of War 2 each showed off iterations of Unreal Engine 3. Infinity Blade shows off the power of Epic's tech on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Those who want to make games using this technology will be able to get it for free but have to pay for US$99 licensing fee and 25% royalties after the first $5000 in sales. The most formidable rival to this iPhone graphics engine is the one powering Rage HD. That game was crafted by a team lead by id Software's Doom co-creator John Carmack. But Carmack already inform that his parent company, Zenimax, is not interested in licensing the technology to outsiders.

The most important thing is, starting from Infinity Blade there will be other game that graphic quality is not far from those game. I think its a good start for Apple product.

Cataclysm sold more than 3,3 million in 24h

Just come in: Cataclysm, the latest World of Warcraft's expansion, has hit a new milestone for Blizzard. It reported that this expansion has been sold more than 3.3 million copies worldwide on its first 24 hours of release. Those making Cataclysm is the fastest-selling PC game of all time.

Before this, the milestone has been hold by its second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, which sold more than 2.8 million copies in 24 hours, set in November 2008.

"We had to bring Azeroth to the brink of destruction in Cataclysm, but the result was our best expansion yet," said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We want to thank all of our new, existing, and returning players throughout the world for their incredible enthusiasm and support, and we look forward to hearing what they think about all the new content."

After Cataclysm released, the total subscriber of World of Warcraft had grown to more than 12 million players globally. Blizzard claims that more than 15,000 players attended on the official launch events and 10,000 stores globally are selling the Cataclysm. I would say that the Blizzard has much more money on their account to get new expansion...

Check out the latest rate of this expansion on here: Buy World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Pack (PC CD-ROM)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tomorrow, Divine Souls will be open BETA

In an announcement on the official Divine Souls page, OutSpark revealed the date of the fantasy themed 3D MMORPG, Divine Souls, would enter Open Beta. Divine Souls first entered closed beta testing several months ago, but information on the game has been scarce since then. You will get a chance to feel the brawling experience on December 14, 2010.

The game is published by Outspark, which already publishing the anime themed online game, Fiesta Online, a while ago. Divine Souls is most similar to Vindictus and makes use of persistent world hubs, instanced stages, and action oriented gameplay. Its a great looking game that’s well worth checking out.

Shanda penetrate SEA Market with 3 Games

After grabbing the license to publish ArcheAge and FFXIV in China, the fast-growing Chinese publisher Shanda Games will expand their market further. Recently, they signed contract with Singapore MMO publisher Cherry Credits and to bring several MMOs to Southeast Asia. 3 games have confirmed so far, they are Storm Online, Latale Online, and iL Soulbringer.

Storm Online features rich quests and some other systems that commonly seen in many other games, like the mount system, PvP, dungeons, etc. Latale Online is a cartoon style side-scrolling MMO that allows you to decorate your characters with tons of fashion items. Dungeon and pets are also part of the game. Currently, OGPlanet's operating the game's NA and EU version.

Among the 3 games, Storm Online will be the first to meet Southeast Asia as the game will start closed beta on December 16th. Latale Online just set up a teaser site while iL Soulbringer just confirmed the SEA version. Since Shanda Games is the publisher of Dragon Nest(CN) and the investor of the game's developer Eyedentity, it's said that Shanda is likely to bring the game to SEA. Nexon delays Dragon Nest in NA indefinitely, and the game's English version will probably release in Southeast Asia first.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

After launched, GT 5 reach 60 Million copy sold

Driving simulator Gran Turismo 5 is finally out. People are buying it! And that's helping the series pass a very important checkered flag: the 60 million units sold one.

According to Sony Computer Entertainment, the Gran Turismo series has now sold over 60 million units, with newly-released GT5 selling 5.5 million copies worldwide in its first 12 days on sale.

Remember, the term Sony use "sold" means it sold to retailers and not necessarily sold through to consumers.

Between November 24 and December 6, Gran Turimso 5 sold 550,000 copies in Japan, 1.25 million in North America, 3.56 million in Europe and 160,000 copies in the rest of Asia. Those numbers are bound to get Sony's engine humming.

Nadirim goes to Close Beta

When web browser MMOs are more than a dozen these days, it requires something special for a that title to stand out. Another new free to play web MMO, Nadirim, hopes that its Arabian Nights themes is enough to do the trick, using the mysterious sands of the desert and the rich mythology of the region as the backdrop to an exciting saga.

Nadirim currently entering the closed beta stage of development, and Twisted Tribe is preparing a bunch of beta keys to the willing testers. Currently, the closed beta session featuring three of the game's five classes, Warrior, Ruffian and Sage, and it has a level cap of 15. Other features, such as PvP and guilds, are slated to be patched in later.

If you're interested, you can apply to be a tester on the official website (

AIKA South East version prepare to launch 2011

AIKA SEA, south east asia version of AIKA Online, will be brought to the continent by Asiasoft Online in early 2011. The game is a 3D MMORPG that focuses on PvP element and is set in the enchanting land of Arcan, where the Goddess AIKA led the Humans into war in order to restore peace to the land of Arcan.

This MMORPG stands out because of the astounding war modes that it has within the game. One of which is the Nation War, where players engage in glorious 1000 versus 1000 battles to bring top glory to their respective nation. They are also able to raid treasures from their enemies to prove their superiority.

Another main attraction of the game is the beautiful and adorable Princess of Air Nymph (PRAN). This pixie-like character is the must have companion for every player. The player will have to interact with the PRAN to mould her personality as she grows and evolves. Other than being a great travelling buddy as the player explores Arcan, she is also a personal cheerleader and can aid the player during battles by enhancing with additional buffs. She can also be dolled up with pretty costumes and accessories to match her unique personality.

For more information about this game, browse for sure :)